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The Parkinson Alliance is pleased to provide you with the latest news in our effort to finance research to help find the cause and cure of Parkinson's. 

PA News

2017 Headlines

Participants Invited to Take Survey on Swallowing and Parkinsonís Disease

The 23rd Parkinsonís Unity Walk to Take Place on Saturday, April 22nd in New York Cityís Central Park

2016 Headlines

Bucks County Roadrunner Club Thanksgiving Day Race Ė Calling All Runners and Volunteers!

Participants Invited to Take Survey on Social Support and Parkinsonís Disease

Join Athleta & The Parkinson Alliance as We Shop for a Cause!

The Parkinson Alliance Announces the Annual Carnegie Center 5K and Fun Run Will Take Place on Saturday, September 24, 2016, in Princeton, NJ

The 22nd Parkinsonís Unity Walk Raised More Than $1.4 Million for Parkinsonís Research

Join Us at the Kingston Fest 8-7-16

Key Opinion Leaders Gathered at the Mid-Atlantic Consensus Meeting to Discuss Deep Brain Stimulation for Parkinsonís Disease

7th Annual Princeton Dines Out for Parkinsonís Awareness

Like Muhammad Ali was, Greg Grace in a Race to Beat Parkinson

Muhammad Ali, Truly the "Greatest"


Tango For Parkinson

Survey Examines Patient Perceptions of Nutrition and Diet in Managing the Symptoms of Parkinsonís Disease

7th Annual Princeton Dines Out for Parkinson

The 22nd Parkinsonís Unity Walk to Take Place on Saturday, April 23rd in New York Cityís Central Park

Participants Invited to Take Survey on Cognition and Parkinsonís Disease

2015 Headlines

2015 Carnegie Center 5K and Fun Run for The Parkinson Alliance Raised Over $95,000 in Support of Parkinsonís Research

Podcast Focusing on Cultivating Patience for Well Being in Parkinson

"Outside the Box" Reception Supports Parkinson

Central Coast Follies Dancing for a Cure 2015

The Parkinson Alliance Survey Reports a Relationship Between Patience and Well-Being in Parkinsonís Disease

Bucks County Roadrunners Clubís Thanksgiving Day Five Miler and One Mile Fun Run to Benefit The Parkinson Alliance

ďHow Sweet It Is,Ē Brandywine Senior Living at Princetonís Successful Tricky Tray Fundraiser

16th Carnegie Center 5K and Fun Run Will Be Held on September 26 To Raise Awareness and Funds for Parkinsonís Disease Research

Journal Plus Magazine Highlights The Central Coast Follies

Participants Invited to Take Survey on Nutrition and Parkinsonís Disease

Team Parkinson Returns to San Francisco

Speech Treatment for Parkinson Disease: The Science and Practice of LSVT LOUDģ

Physical & Occupational Therapy for Parkinson Disease: The Science and Practice of LSVT BIGģ

First Annual Play 4 Parkinson

The Parkinson Alliance Reports Findings Pertaining to Exercise in Parkinson

John Ball Shares Highlights from TPLA 2015

Social Media Contest in Support of 6th Annual Princeton Dines Out for Parkinsonís Research

Participants Invited to Take Survey on Patience and Well-Being in Parkinsonís Disease

Every Step Counts at the 21st Parkinsonís Unity Walk on April 25th at Central Park in New York City

Report Released by Brookings Institution Details National Medical Device Surveillance System Plan

Parkinson's Dance Program

PD Community News

2017 Headlines

Autoimmunity May Have Role in Parkinson

Balance and Movement Improved in Animal Model of Parkinsonís Disease

Low-fat Dairy Intake May Raise Parkinson

Tom Isaacs, President of The Cure Parkinson

Acorda Therapeutics to Present Update on Phase 3 Study of CVT-301 in Parkinsonís Patients

Biomarkers for Cognitive Impairment in Parkinson

New App Adjusts Brain Stimulators For Parkinsonís Patients


NeuroDerm to Ring the Nasdaq Stock Market Opening Bell and Participate in the Parkinsonís Unity Walk

Medtronic Brain Therapies Sponsors Parkinsonís Unity Walk

Acorda Announces Long-Term Safety Data for CVT-301

JFK Medical Center Offers Parkinsonís Disease Educational Seminar 4.5.17

FDA Approves Xadago to Treat Parkinsonís Disease

Cancer Drug That Might Slow Parkinson

Study Shows Link Between Microbiome in the Gut and Parkinson

Researchers Suggest New Theory for How Parkinson

Researchers Discover Genetic Switch for Parkinsonís Disease

US WorldMeds is Funding Clinical Trial Studying Effectiveness of New Infusion Therapy to Help Smooth Out Movement for Patients with PD

Blood Test Might Make Parkinson

Acorda Announces Positive Phase 3 Clinical Trial Results for CVT-301

PWR! Parkinsonís Wellness Recovery Classes Being Offered in Princeton, NJ

Tell Congress How You May Be Impacted by Health Care Policy Changes

LSVT BIG Seminar on Sunday, February 5, 2017 in West Orange, NJ

CurePSP 2017 Southwest Family Conference to be Held in Phoenix on March 17-18, 2017

Adamas Announces US FDA Acceptance of ADS-5102 New Drug Application for the Treatment of Levodopa-induced Dyskinesia in Patients with PD

Single Protein May Hold Secret to Treating Parkinsonís Disease

2016 Headlines

Adjunctive Safinamide Increases On Time in Parkinson

Blocking Brain Enzyme Corrects Motor Symptoms in Mice

The 21st Century Cures Act is Signed into Law

Fat-coated Microbubbles May Aid Parkinsonís Treatment by Getting Past Blood Brain Barrier

Upright Posture in Patients with Parkinsonís Disease Exacerbates Cognitive Defecits

Parkinsonís Disease May Be Traced to Gut Bacteria

Janet Reno, Former Attorney General, Dies at 78 from Complications of PD

Michigan State University and Van Andel Research Institute Collaborate on Research to Slow the Progression of PD

Statin Use May Lead to Increased Risk for Parkinsonís Disease


More Research Needed for Using Skin Biopsies to Diagnose Parkinsonís Disease

New Drug Candidate May Reduce Deficits in Parkinsonís Disease

Adamas Pharma Announces Submission of ADS-5102 NDA to US FDA as Dyskinesia Treatment in PD Patients

GLNT and UCB Partner to Create Ways to Better Judge Effectiveness of Parkinsonís Treatment

Acorda Launches ďThe Many Faces of OffĒ Facebook Page to Support the Parkinsonís Community

Acordaís CVT-301 for Parkinsonís ĎOffí Periods Shows Promising Results in Preclinical Studies

New Device Helps Boost Movement in Parkinson

Experimental Immunotherapy May Slow Parkinsonís Disease Progression

Nest Planning Board: Coordinating Center to Prioritize Cooperative Projects

Global Kinetics Secures FDA Clearance to Market Upgraded Wearable for PD Patients

Diabetes Drug Focus of New Clinical Trial for Parkinson

Cynapsus Therapeutics Parkinsonís Disease Candidate Gets FDA Fast Track Designation

New Test May Help Detect Parkinsonís Disease in Early Stages of Life

Simple Eye Test May Detect Parkinsonís Disease

Manufacturing Dopamine in the Brain with Gene Therapy

NeuroDerm Initiates Patient Enrollment in a Phase III Trial of ND0612L for the Treatment of PD

Researchers Examine How Parkinsonís Disease Alters Brain Activity Over Time

Leukemia Drug Proven Effective Against Parkinsonís Disease

Cynapsus Announces Publication of Data for the Treatment of OFF Episodes in Patients with PD

Parkinsonís: Mutant Enzyme, a-Synuclein Interaction May Be Preventable

Local Dance for Parkinsonís Program Starting this Fall

The Michael J. Fox Foundation Expands Fox Trial Finder to Accelerate Research in Atypical Parkinsonism

Study Shows Cancer Drug Raises Dopamine Levels in Parkinsonís Patients


Johns Hopkins Researchers Reveal Novel Protein and Involvement in Parkinsonís Disease

Scientists Offer New View on Origins of Parkinson

NeuroDerm Presents Three Posters at the 20th International Congress of Parkinsonís Disease and Movement Disorders

MS Drug Could Prove Effective Parkinson

UCLA Scientists Discover Protective Strategy Against Pesticide-linked Parkinsonís Disease

New Gene Shown to Cause Parkinson

Great Lakes Neurotech Validation Studies on Wearable Tech for Parkinsonís to be Highlighted at International Conference

NeuroDerm Announces Patient Enrollment in Long-Term Safety Trial of ND0612 for PD

Senior Helpers Introduces First Ever In-Home Parkinson

U.S. Approves First drug for Psychosis Linked to Parkinson

Adamas Pharma (ADMS) Announces ADS-5102 Phase 3 Met Primary, Key Secondary Endpoints as LID Treatment

Common Gene Variation May Predict Parkinsonís Severity and Progression

Blood Test to Detect Parkinson

New England and Canada Parkinsonís Cruise

Cynapsus Therapeuticsí APL-130277 Phase III Study Focus of Presentation

Acorda Therapeuticsí CVT-301 Data Will Be Featured at American Academy of Neurology

Pfizer and IBM Launch Innovative Research Project to Transform Parkinson

Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinsonís Research and Parkinsonís Action Network Announce Plans for Integration

The Parkinson Alliance (Responsible for the Parkinsonís Unity Walk, Team Parkinson, and Joins Unified Parkinsonís Advocacy Council

U.S. WorldMeds and Zambon Partner to Bring Newron Pharmaceuticalsí Parkinsonís Disease Treatment Xadago to the U.S.

Titan Pharmaceuticals Receives Feedback from FDA on Ropinirole Implant Development Program for PD

Parkinsonís Disease Drug Xadago Now Available in Italy as Add-On Therapy to Levodopa

Neurolixis Announces Publications Demonstrating Effects of NLX-112 in Parkinson

Respiratory Drug Focus of New Clinical Trial for Parkinsonís Disease

New Gene Therapy Clinical Trial

Researchers Identify Biomarker for Early Cognitive Decline in Parkinson

Mitochondrial DNA Levels in the Blood Help to Detect Onset of Parkinsonís Disease

Study Determines Saliva Gland Test Can Spot Early Parkinson

APDA Establishes Research Fund in Memory of Joel Gerstel

Acorda Therapeutics to Acquire Biotie Therapies

New Jersey Health Foundation/The Nicholson Foundation Award $50,000 to Advance Research to Slow Brain Degeneration in Parkinson

Dementia Drug May Improve Gait in Parkinson

Dementia Drug May Improve Gait in Parkinson


2015 Headlines

Adamas Announces Positive Phase 3 Results for Treatment of Levodopa-induced Dyskinesia in Patients With PD

Pioneering Neuroprotective Results Achieved in Parkinson

UCB Trials Wearable Sensor for Parkinson

LSVT LOUDģ Symposium for People Living With Parkinsonís Disease Scheduled for 12.11.15 in New York City

Parkinsonís Institute and Clinical Center Publishes a Review on the State of Parkinsonís Research in Nature Genetics

Protecting the Brain from Parkinson

Acorda Therapeutics Supports the National Disability Instituteís Financial Wellness Webinar Series

NeuroDerm Announces Streamlined U.S. Development Plan on ND0612H and ND0612L for the Treatment of PD

Rock Steady Boxing: Fighting Back Against Parkinsonís in the Ring

Researchers Develop Techniques to Bypass Blood-Brain Barrier and Deliver Drugs to the Brain

Gene Could Hold Key to Treating Parkinson

Scientists Make Advancements That May Lead to New Treatments for Parkinson

University of Virginia Researchers Testing Focused Ultrasound to Treat Parkinson

Lack of Interferon-beta Function Linked to Parkinsonís Disease Onset

Everyday Activity More Beneficial Than Occasional Vigorous Exercise in Parkinsonís Disease Patients

LSVT LOUD Training and Certification Workshop Will be Held in NYC 12.10-12.11.15

New Study Tracks Parkinsonís Disease Within the Brain

Potential Breakthrough Treatment for Parkinson

Noninvasive Treatment Targets Brain Cells Affected by Parkinson

Dance for PD at Capital Health Hamilton, Mercerville, NJ

A Caregiverís Self-Care Retreat Offered by Capital Health Princeton, NJ

Capital Health Offers Feldenkraisģ Classes for People Living with Parkinson

NPFís Medical Director Publishes New Book on Breakthrough Therapies for PD

Biogen Enters Collaboration with the Parkinsonís Institute and Clinical Center

INTREPID Clinical Trial for DBS Continues Recruitment

Potential New Class of Drugs Lessen Neurodegeneration in Rat Model of PD

Gene Therapy Prevents Parkinson

The Edmond J. Safra National Parkinson

University of Florida Breakthrough Measures Parkinsonís Progression in the Brain

Depression Raises Risk of Serious Health Problems Including Parkinsonís Disease

SpeechEasyPD to Provide No Cost Devices for Parkinsonís Patients with Speech Issues

Scientists to Use iPS Cells to Develop Method to Treat Parkinson

The Michael J. Fox Foundation and Imago Pharmaceuticals Partner to Speed Parkinson

Hot Topics in Movement Disorders: Treatment Options for Parkinsonís Disease, Essential Tremor, and Dystonia

The LSVT LOUD Training and Certification Workshop

A Caregivers

Latest in Medical and Rehabilitation Therapies Conference

Completion of Clinical Trial for PRX-002 Developed by Prothena Corporation

Skin Test May Aid in Diagnosis of Parkinsonís and Alzheimerís

Pharma Two B Completes Enrollment in Phase IIb Study of P2B001 for PD

Implanted Stem Cells Reduced Symptoms of PD during Experiment

Data from Trial in Advanced PD Patients Using Levodopa-Carbidopa Intestinal Gel

First Discovery of a Physical Predictor of Freezing in PD

Eltoprazine Could Tackle Dyskinesia Side Effect in Parkinsonís Disease

Biotie Provides Update on Tozadenant

Recent Clinical Study Offers Hope for Potential Parkinsonís Disease Therapies

Creatine Has No Effect on Progression of Parkinson

Breath Test for Parkinson

Parkinsonís Study Dims Ambitions for Gene Flaw Carried by Brin

Blue Light Potential for Parkinson's Treatment

Tipping point of Parkinson's Disease discovered by Cambridge University Researchers

Drinking Beer Slows Down Parkinson's and Alzheimer's Disease

Researchers Identify Two mRNA Biomarkers for Parkinson's Disease

Neurologists Find Movement Tracking Device Helps Assess Severity of PD

Blood Test Aims to Detect Parkinson's in Early Stages

LTI Receives Funding for Research Aimed at Delaying or Preventing Parkinsonís Disease

How To Shake the Shakes: A Patient, Family, and Physician Seminar on Tremor and Parkinson

Scientists Find Drug Candidates Can Block Cell Death Pathway Associated with PD

Portable Device Could Be Used to Treat Parkinsonís Disease

23andMe and Genentech to Analyze Genomic Data for Parkinsonís Disease

Researchers Discover Molecule that May Lessen Severity of Parkinsonís Disease

UCB and Neuropore Enter Into World-Wide Collaboration and Agreement

U.S. FDA Approves AbbVieís DUOPAô Enteral Suspension for Treatment of Advanced PD

FDA Approves Rytary, Extended-Release Oral Treatment for PD

Canadian Researchers Studying New Target for Parkinsonís Treatment

EU Recommends Parkinsonís Drug for Approval

Treating Parkinsonís Disease with Targeted Therapeutic Vaccines

Safinamide New Drug Application Re-submitted to the FDA

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